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Engineering is all around us. From the smartphones we use, the drugs we take, the food we eat, to the 
energy we generate, and the buildings we construct and cars we drive. Engineering underpins everything.
Engineering is a rewarding and respected career giving rise to many to many opportunities. It is also very well paid. The UK faces a chronic shortage of engineers and will need over 1.8 million people to have engineering skills by 2022. We need to be attracting the best talent to the industry in order to remain competitive.

Students and current engineers may be attracted to other sectors due to the improved status of diversity and inclusion, and so this is an issue the industry urgently needs to address. 62% of current graduates who are out at university go back in the closet when they start their first graduate job.

InterEngineering aims to accelerate inclusion in engineering for LGBT people. We aim to support companies create LGBT network groups, share best practice, provide networking opportunities for professionals and students, and support wider initiatives in the sector.

Key highlights over 2015 included:
– Membership growth to over 250 LGBT engineers and supporters, over 500 social media connections and over 12,000 website views.
– Business events focused on setting up LGBT company networks, the experiences of LGBT engineers in the
UK and overseas, and the way ahead for creating a more inclusive workforce.
– Employer roundtable with Royal Academy of Engineering on sexual orientation equality in the engineering sector.
– Expansion of InterEngineering with our first regional group in South West. Numerous networking evenings such as drinks socials, meals and a site tour.
– Publication of our first report “Engineering Action: Tackling Homophobia in Engineering” in conjunction with the House of Commons, which sets out a plan of action for engineering companies and institutes. We have developed strong collaborative relationships with key engineering institutes and continue to grow our
relationships with engineering companies.

As we go in to 2016, we will continue this growth and establish regional groups.

So, come and join us! Details are below for you to stay connected. Sign up yourself, or pass on to someone you know who might benefit from the work we do.

We are also on the lookout for volunteers interested in getting involved. If you are, then please get in touch.

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