LGBT History Month Magazine 2018 The Official Guide to LGBT History Month ®

LGBT History Month Magazine represents the diversity, sexual orientation, gender identity and the importance of equality and fairness. LGBT History Month is annually celebrated across the globe, observing the history of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals. Every February we observe the history and future of gay rights, celebrating the LGBT Community but yet also not forgetting, understanding and respecting the hardships the community went through and are still going through today in the 21st century.

LGBT History Month Magazine ®

It features revolutionary people who have helped in the past and in the present day to shape the LGBT community by educating society to learn to respect and treat LGBT people as equals and eradicate inequality because of sexual orientation. It also features inspirational individuals and organisations who continue this revolutionary work by setting an example as role models to all of us, not just in the LGBT community but to the general public. Society has grown remarkably with the help of LGBT History Month, highlighting the members of society who truly deserve it. With the recent legislation passing making same sex marriage legal this truly shows how far society has come. The magazine is produced annually in February in the UK, recognising the importance of this historical month.

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